A lightly sweet mint blend with fruitiness and a smooth, earthy finish.

Our Tea Over Ice pyramid infusers are 33% larger than our hot tea infusers and are specially blended and balanced to be fresh and flavorful through our flash-chilling process. Each iced tea infuser steeps 24 ounces of refreshing iced tea in our Tea Over Ice Pitcher Set.  This blend is Kosher Certified. See below for full blend description.

Please note: Pyramid infusers are not microwave-safe.


Tea Forté’s Blue Mint Nectar is a refreshing herbal tea blend featuring the brilliant butterfly pea flower, which gives the tisane its vivid blue-violet hue. Beginning with a crisp, lightly sweet mint flavor and citrus aroma, it eases into the mellow coolness of melon and concludes with a smooth, herbaceous finish. Thoughtfully selected peppermint leaves and notes of spearmint, come together for a thirst-quenching sense of calm invigoration, while notes of fruit and rosehip round out the blend’s flavor profile with elegant complexity. 

Herbal blends are not technically considered teas, since they contain no camellia sinensis leaves—the signature ingredient required to produce tea. Rather, herbal “teas” are referred to as “tisanes,” and can be composed of any combination of herbs, fruits, roots and other botanicals. One hallmark herbal tisane share is the fact that most are naturally free of caffeine, making them an ideal choice for nearly anyone at any time of day or night. Blue Mint Nectar’s bright, cool freshness makes it a perfect way to start the day without the jolt of coffee, as well as an ideal caffeine-free pick-me-up in the afternoon or evening.

Elevating iced tea to a higher level, Tea Forté transforms a cool glass of iced tea into an entertaining event. Experience authentic iced tea with the balance and beauty of our innovative Tea Over Ice® Pitcher Set. The hand-crafted ingenious design of our Steep & Chill glass pitcher set delivers delicious and refreshing iced tea steeped and chilled moments before you drink it. Tea Over Ice unlocks the diverse and subtle flavors and scents to deliver the ultimate gourmet iced tea.

Iced Tea was first popularized at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair when the India delegation couldn't persuade attendees to try their hot tea in the sweltering summer heat. With ice added, the clean, refreshing taste was an instant success. Iced tea remains the most popular way that tea is enjoyed in the United States. As a nation that enjoys ice-cold refreshment, iced tea is a healthy, natural alternative. Drinking iced tea can play a significant role in maintaining fluid balance, which is crucial for normal body function. Most adults need about two quarts of fluid daily, which should come from beverages and some fruits and vegetables.

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