Tea Forté’s Passion Fruit Papaya is an exquisite green tea blend bursting with tropical flavor. This refreshing beverage features the flavors of organic mango, orange peel, sunflower petals, passion fruit, papaya, and apple all swirling together in an island-inspired experience.

Sweet and soothing, Passion Fruit Papaya may be enjoyed throughout the year, but its summery flavor profile lends itself perfectly to warm weather. Not surprisingly, it works well over ice and evokes images of waves lapping at the shore of a quiet tropical oasis. This green tea blend contains a moderate amount caffeine, delivering a subtle boost of calm energy and alertness.

Mango, a stone fruit known for its juicy flesh and lush flavor, features prominently in this tea. The national fruit of India, Pakistan, and the Philippines is native to South Asia and grown around the world, although its production is largely centered in India and China. It’s known for its distinctive sweetness and boasts high levels of vitamin C, long thought to slow the signs of cellular aging and benefit the immune system.

When enjoying a cup of Passion Fruit Papaya, a spoonful of sugar or honey brings the tropical fruit flavors front and center, although tea purists may also enjoy it simply steeped in water without any additions.