Energizing yet rooted. Enhanced with top notes of cocoa and spice.



Flavour: a sweet, bold but comforting blend of chocolate & chicory
Aroma: cocoa-forward, sweet & smoky
Colour: deep brown

Ingredients: Organic black tea, Organic roasted chicory root, Organic ginger root, Organic cinnamon, Organic green yerba mate, Organic cocoa husk, Organic cocoa bean, Organic cocoa powder, Organic clove buds, Organic cardamom seeds, Organic anise, Organic black pepper, Natural flavours


Tea Forté’s Mate Mantra Chai is an extraordinary black tea blend, bringing together the sweet flavor of cocoa with the warmth of chicory and cinnamon. Built on a base of black tea leaves and South American yerba mate, it draws upon the spiced tea traditions of India and the harvests of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil. Rich, bold, and indulgent, this smooth-drinking black tea is naturally sweet and smoky, with notes of chocolate announcing themselves right up front and then giving way to a woody base.

While this blend contains no coffee beans, coffee lovers are drawn to its vivacious flavor profile, which offers depth and body similar to a gourmet cup of java. It also delivers a subtle, steady kick of energy thanks to its moderate caffeine content. Yerba mate, a species of holly, has long been consumed for vitality across many South American countries and has experienced a recent rise in popularity across North America. It was originally cultivated by indigenous Guaraní and Tupi communities. In Brazil, mate is more commonly referred to as chimarrão.

Mate Mantra Chai may be enjoyed with milk or sugar to taste, and in fact is enhanced by added sweetness, which can bring out its chocolate and chicory notes. It may also be prepared as a latte with warm, frothed milk, topped with cinnamon. All the same, many tea enthusiasts prefer it without accompaniment, allowing this bold blend to hold its own.

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