African Solstice

African Solstice

From the soul of South Africa, naturally caffeine-free, antioxidant-rich Rooibos herb blended with the taste of berries, blossoms, and a wisp of sweet vanilla. A smooth and delicious cup.
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African Solstice

African Solstice

Steeping Guidelines

Steep for at least 5 minutes in boiling water.

Unlike tea, rooibos never grows bitter from steeping. Steep as long as you like.


rooibos, elderberries, rosehip, blueberries, mallow flowers, rose petals, natural flavoring (vanilla and berries)

Caffeine Level



Kosher Certified

African Solstice
Rooibos from South Africa, berries from Bulgaria and rosehips from Chile

Did You Know?

Afrikaans for "red bush," Rooibos comes from the plant Aspalathus Linearis, which grows only in the Cedarberg area of the Western Cape province of South Africa. Rooibos has been consumed by Bushmen as an herbal remedy for centuries, but rooibos as we know it is a relatively recent invention.

Techniques for producing Keemun black tea were imported from China and applied to rooibos in the early 20th century. A difficult plant to grow, cultivation techniques for Aspalathus Linearis weren't mastered until the 1930s. Starting in the mid-20th century, rooibos consumption became very widespread in South Africa, spurred in part by beliefs that it can help with colic in babies. Generally consumed with milk and sugar in South Africa, rooibos has rapidly attained popularity in Europe and North America over the past decade or two, where it is often drunk without any additions.

More Info

Tea Type:  Herbal Tea

Origin:  South Africa

Rooibos is an Afrikaans word, meaning ‘red bush’. Rooibos tea, or bush tea, only grows in the ‘Cedarberg’ area (Afrikaans for Cedar Mountain), a very small part of the Western Cape Province of South Africa. This yellow flowered plant produces green needle-shaped leaves that are harvested in summer. The oxidation process transforms the green needle-shaped leaves into distinctive reddish-brown needles, giving it its name. The Rooibos needles are then processed in a similar way regular tea leaves are being processed. Rooibos is Antioxidants rich and contains no caffeine and tannins which can cause bitterness.

Tea Forté African Solstice also contains Elderberries and blueberries, which add a fruity depth to this Rooibos tea and are also rich in antioxidants.

Ruby red rosehips add an enticing balance of tart and sweet and are also rich in vitamin C, one of the safest and most effective immune-supporting nutrients.

Tea Forté Rooibos tea is balanced by adding mallow flowers, rose petals and natural vanilla flavor.

Tasting Notes:

  • Flavor: The tartness of the berries balance with the natural sweet of the rooibos for a rich, fruity cup
  • Aroma:  fresh, sun-ripened berries with a whisper of vanilla
  • Color:  bright orange-red liquor
  • Strength:  medium bodied, smooth

package type

African Solstice Loose Leaf Tea Canister

African Solstice Loose Leaf Tea Canister

35-50 servings


African Solstice Bulk Loose Tea Pouch

African Solstice Bulk Loose Tea Pouch

160 servings