Decaf Breakfast Tea

Decaf Breakfast Tea

A decaffeinated, hearty offering. Full and flavorful Ceylon tea steeps a invigorating liquor with a lingering rich, raisiny depth. Wonderful with or without a splash of milk.
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Decaf Breakfast Tea

Decaf Breakfast Tea

Steeping Guidelines

Steep for 3-5 minutes, 96-100°C


black tea

Caffeine Level

Very Low


Kosher Certified

Decaf Breakfast Tea
The island country of Sri Lanka was once known as Ceylon

Did You Know?

Over 221,000 hectares or approximately 4% of the Sri Lanka’s land area is covered in tea plantations.

More Info

Our tea is decaffeinated through the a carbon dioxide process. This means that high-pressure liquid CO2 is used to dissolve the caffeine from the tea, then evaporated or filtered in order to remove the caffeine entirely. The main advantage of CO2 processing is that it does not involve any industrial chemicals like methylene chloride or ethyl acetate. We believe this is the healthiest and best-tasting method for creating decaffeinated tea.

package type

Decaf Breakfast tea event box

Decaf Breakfast tea event box

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