Estate Darjeeling

Estate Darjeeling

This sought-after Darjeeling Tea from the esteemed Monteviot Estate is prized for its delicate flavor and aroma. A bright and floral cup accentuated by natural fruity nuances.
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Estate Darjeeling

Estate Darjeeling

Steeping Guidelines

Steep for 3-5 minutes, 90-95°C

just off-boiling water temperature


black tea

Caffeine Level



Kosher Certified

Estate Darjeeling
From the Darjeeling District of West Bengal, India, near the Nepal border

Did You Know?

While it is categorized as "black tea" one of the unique features of Darjeeling is that it actually ranges from green to oolong to black in every batch. During the oxidation process (the level of oxidation tea undergoes is one of the key differences between green, oolong and black teas) Darjeeling tea is infrequently raked or mixed. This means that some parts of the tea are not exposed to as much air as others, leaving these less oxidized parts closer to the green end of the spectrum. Looking at loose Darjeeling, one can see this mix of color shades in the leaves.

The mixed nature of Darjeeling leads to complex nutty and "muscatel" flavors not ordinarily found in black teas. Perhaps one of the reasons that Darjeeling is known as the the "Champagne of teas."

More Info

Tea type: black tea

Origin : Darjeeling, India. Monteviot Estate

Harvest: 2nd flush

Darjeeling tea is perfect anytime, exceptionally refreshing and fragrant with a sweet, pleasuring taste.

Our classic Darjeeling Tea comes from the Golden Valley of Darjeeling. The world’s most famous and geographically protected tea-growing origin is located at the northern tip of the state of West Bengal in India. Located in the Kurseong South Valley in the Indian tea growing district of Darjeeling, the Monteviot estate is one of the smallest and oldest tea plantations in India today. Tea Forté is proud to offer this organically grown, well crafted leaf from the Monteviot estate.

Tasting Notes:

  • Flavor: clean, crisp and clear with married muscatel notes of wine
  • Aroma: florally fragrant, fresh and light
  • Infusion: caramel gold
  • Color: bright copper
  • Strength: medium bodied

package type

Estate Darjeeling Event Box

Estate Darjeeling Event Box

48 pyramid tea infusers


Estate Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea Canister

Estate Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea Canister

35-50 servings


Estate Darjeeling Bulk Loose Tea Pouch

Estate Darjeeling Bulk Loose Tea Pouch

160 servings