Sipscriptions™ Collection

Organic tea & herb supplements to support everyday wellness.

For thousands of years, tea leaves, fresh herbs, spices and choice botanicals have been blended as a natural remedy and a source of good health. Nurtured by nature and handcrafted in small batches to ensure each blend’s unique and beneficial properties, SIPSCRIPTIONS tea is curated with a passion for the possibilities of life. All teas in this collection are USDA organic certified.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Perfect for: health and well-being
Sipscriptions Petite Presentation Box

Sipscriptions Petite Presentation Box

two infusers each: RESIST, REGROUP, RESULTS, REBOOT, and RETREAT. All teas in this collection are USDA organic certified

Sipscriptions Regroup Loose Leaf Tea Canister

Sipscriptions Regroup Loose Leaf Tea Canister

70g Green Tea with Herbals from the Sipscriptions Collection

teas in this collection
REBOOT REBOOT { Wellness Tea + Herbal }
Computers aren't the only thing that crash. Need to reboot? Fight fatigue with nature's natural energizers of uplifting yerba maté, guarana and rich, deep cocoa.
RESIST RESIST { Wellness Tea + Herbal }
Join the resistance! Support your body's defenses with the healthful antioxidants found in the sunny citrus of lemons and immune boosting echinacea.
RESULTS RESULTS { Wellness Tea + Herbal }
Is fitness your cup of tea? This delicious steep is your perfect personal trainer. Metabolic senna leaf and fennel with a zing of cinnamon help keep you feeling fit and fab.
RETREAT RETREAT { Wellness Tea + Herbal }
Get away with the soothing calm of wild-crafted lavender, lemon verbena and the comforting citrus of yuzu. Relaxing chamomile offers the perfect antidote to stress.
REGROUP REGROUP { Wellness Tea + Herbal }
Say "hey" to your body and give your innards a chance to regroup. Green tea, nettle, and dandelion root will detoxify, balance and soothe, allowing you to start anew.